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What is the Reason for the Deformation of the Building Formwork

Building wooden formwork, which is made of high-quality birch, poplar and other boards, and the surface is treated with waterproof phenolic resin impregnated paper. It is used for shear walls, vertical wall panels and dams, tunnels and overpasses, arch bridges, beams etc..

What may cause to deformed of construction wooden formwork?

1. The assembly of small steel molds that not set up according to the regulations, which resulting in poor overall performance of the building.

2. The foundation where the formwork is placed is unstable, and poor waterproof measures cause the foundation to sink.

3. The concrete is not poured in time after wooden formwork accepted, and the surface is deformed due to long-term sun and rain.

4. If the support distance between formwork is too large which may beyond pressed ability.

5. The speed of pouring concrete for walls and columns is too fast, the pouring height is too high, and the vibration is excessive.