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The Veneer Storage of Building Formwork

The demand of veneer is huge in the production of building formwork.  In order to improve the quality of building formwork and realize the balanced production of each process, and in accordance with the production regulations of the national export inspection and quarantine department, the warehouse that can store big quantity of veneer is established. 

The role of the veneer warehouse: first of all, as an inspection of the quality and quantity of the veneer. Also, knowing the specifications, quantity and quality of incoming veneer is an important information to grasp the production dynamics. So that we can issue the production tasks property. Secondly, to ensure that the face and back of the building formwork are matched. The building formwork must be formed in strict accordance with the national standards or the standard grades of the exporting countries. 

The veneer warehouse has another fuction that if a process is partially unbalanced due to some reason, then the stock can be used to balance the production to ensure that the production keep working.