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The Importance of Displacement Installation for Cylindrical Film Faced Plywood

In the construction industry, the application of cylindrical formwork is becoming increasingly widespread. Due to the advantages of pillar formwork, it can be installed without relying on hoisting equipment, enabling construction at heights. However, some individuals may not understand why misalignment occurs during installation. Today, let us explore the reasons why cylindrical formwork needs to be installed dislocated.

Firstly, adopting the method of dislocated installation can combine the cylindrical formwork on the column as a whole, reducing the number of joints in the cylindrical formwork, which is beneficial for improving the demolding effect of the column.

Secondly, misalignment installation can reduce the stress on the cylindrical formwork, making the stress more uniform. It can achieve a better sealing effect at the top and bottom connections.

Additionally, misalignment can construct the column to a greater height in one go. For taller cylindrical formwork, the stability is enhanced, meeting the pouring needs of the column, and saving the steps of secondary assembly.

In conclusion, the dislocated installation of cylindrical formwork brings various benefits, such as improving demolding effects, ensuring uniform stress distribution, achieving better sealing, enhancing stability for taller columns, and saving assembly steps. It is essential for optimizing the construction process and ensuring efficient and effective results.