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What is the Difference between Particle Board and Density Board

There are many types of furniture on the market today, and the types of boards are even more diverse, and consumers will carefully consider their boards when buying furniture. What is the difference between density board and particle board? I believe that many people are no strangers to these two types of boards, let's take a look.

Particle board, also known as particle board, is a man-made panel that is processed by applying adhesive, heat and pressure. This kind of board has good sound-absorbing and sound insulation properties, flat surface, high pollution resistance, and relatively cheap.

Density board, also known as fibreboard, is a man-made panel made from wood fibres or other plant fibres, processed with appropriate adhesives. Although the formaldehyde content of density board is relatively high, it has good bending and impact resistance.

Distinguish between particleboard and density board:

Different Uses

Density board is mainly used to enhance wood flooring, door panels, partition walls, furniture and other uses, mainly applied to the surface treatment process in home decoration, not applicable to the production of cabinets, while particle board can be painted and various veneer treatment, can also be used to make cabinets.

Different materials

Density board uses sawdust as raw material, while particle board uses wood chips formed after mechanical processing. There is an essential difference between the two raw materials.

Different environmental protection

As the production of density board needs a lot of glue, if the glue quality is not good, may lead to density board formaldehyde release is too high, and particle board environmental protection is much higher.

Nail holding capacity is different

Density board is made of powdered material, easy to absorb moisture and expansion, poor nail holding capacity, while particle board has the characteristics of wood, has a certain nail holding capacity, usually can be repeated about 10 times.

Different areas of application

Due to its uniform and dense internal structure, Density Board is widely used as a substitute for wood processing products, such as floral wire and carving products; while Particle Board is widely used in the panel furniture industry because it is not easy to bend and deform, is relatively light in weight, has a good nail-holding ability, and has a low formaldehyde emission.