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Manufacturing Process of High-density Board Operation

With the widespread application of high-density boards, their quality is constantly improving. High-density boards are widely used due to their remarkable characteristics. To better utilize this material, let’s understand the operational steps involved in the production process of high-density boards.

The production process of high-density boards includes slicing, heat grinding, fiber drying, spreading, hot pressing, and wastewater treatment. Slicing involves cutting the logs into wood chips that meet production specifications, providing conditions for fiber separation and heat treatment. Subsequently, the wood chips are separated into fibers through preheating and cooking processes. The fibers are processed and glued through heat grinding to achieve a moisture content of 50%. After drying and storing for a period, the fibers are transported to the spreading machine using a blower, coarse-shaped through vacuum airflow, and finally formed into boards through a pre-press machine.

This is an introduction to the manufacturing process of high-density boards. Correct operation methods can ensure effective use. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us for consultation. We will provide reasonable advice based on your needs to avoid unnecessary troubles.