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Why does Furniture Board need to be Edge Banded

Why does furniture board need to be edge banded?

1. Aesthetics

The internal structure and material of the furniture board cannot be seen from the side after edge banding. Generally, the color of edge banding material is the same as board. It is makes the overall appearance of the furniture much beauty.

2. Sturdy and less cracking

Adhesive is needed between the edge banding and the furniture board (adhesive is used for straight edge banding, while different methods are used for profile edge banding). Reinforcing the board from the side makes it less likely to delaminate and crack.

3. Anti-moisture and corrosion

Moisture can cause deformation and delamination of the furniture board, which can affect the use of the furniture. Edge banding can effectively prevent the board from being affected by moisture, which is particularly important in areas with high humidity.

4. Reducing formaldehyde emission 

Furniture boards with lower environmental standards release a large amount of formaldehyde, which can easily lead to indoor formaldehyde exceeding the standards. Edge banding can slow down the release of formaldehyde, but this is not a fundamental solution, so some more environmentally friendly boards have emerged in the current custom furniture market.