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Types of Furniture Board

Furniture boards is the boards used for making furniture, and it is one of the fundamental materials in furniture production. There are various types of furniture boards, including solid wood boards, particle boards, plywood, etc.

Solid wood boards are made from natural wood. It has natural textures and colors, providing a good texture and high durability. Although solid wood boards cost a bit high, their beauty and quality are irreplaceable.

Particle boards are made by mixing wood chips with adhesive, and their surfaces are smooth. They are relatively cheaper than other boards. The advantages of particle boards are their affordability and suitability for mass production, but they are comparatively less aesthetically pleasing.

Plywood is made by bonding multiple layers of thin wood sheets together, it offering stable quality with high strength, which makes it suitable for making large furniture. Plywood is inexpensive, but it may lack in aesthetic appeal and texture compared to others.

In addition to the common types of furniture boards mentioned above, some new materials are gradually being applied in furniture production, such as ecological boards. They are known for its environmental friendliness, durability, and aesthetics, which are becoming a new trend in furniture manufacturing.

In conclusion, furniture boards are one of the fundamental materials in furniture. Different types of furniture boards have different characteristics and applications. Choosing the appropriate furniture board can enhance the aesthetics and durability of the furniture.