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Comparison of Advantages between Wooden Cylindrical Formwork and FRP Formwork

FRP cylindrical formwork take high-strength resin as the cementitious material, alkali-free glass fiber cloth and carbon fiber cloth as reinforcement materials. The assembly consists of a cylindrical FRP panel and steel upper and lower column hoops.

Wooden cylindrical formwork is composed of three or more curved-shaped formwork pieces combined together, with raised grooves at the interface of the formwork to ensure tight integration, preventing grout leakage and providing stability and reinforcement. When installing the formwork with additional positioning and fixing, it ensures that the impact of the concrete on the formwork will not cause it to burst.

The following is an objective analysis of the advantages to help customers make choice.

Advantages of FRP cylindrical formwork:

1.Lightweight, low material cost, and good toughness and impact resistance.

2. It does not require construction machinery during assembly and use, and can be assembled by 2-3 people.

3. The vertical direction of the column has only one vertical line without any visible horizontal traces.

Advantages of wooden cylindrical formwork:

1. The surface of the formwork is covered with brown release film, which can achieve good shaping effect for concrete columns, meeting the requirements for exposed surfaces without the need for secondary polishing.

2. The stability of the wooden formwork ensures high circularity and accurate shaping of the columns.

3. It can be reused for multiple times, up to 10-15 times, and can also be cut and used in various parts, especially advantageous for special areas such as column heads.


Due to hardness reasons, the circularity of FRP cylindrical formwork is not as good during shaping, and it has fewer reuse cycles, resulting in higher unit costs, especially for special areas such as beam-column junctions, it becomes complicated.

The maximum height of the wooden cylindrical formwork is 3 meters, beyond which it needs to be spliced, resulting in visible seams during shaping.

Above all is the advantages and limitations between wooden cylindrical formwork and FRP formwork, we hope it is helpful when you face the choice. Any inquiry welcome to contact us.