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Primer Application Method for Density Board

When processing density boards, applying primer is an important step. Before applying the primer, the substrate needs to be pre-treated to ensure it is free from rust and oil stains, and is clean and dry. Firstly, stir the paint mixture thoroughly and add curing agent in proportion, and let it stir and mature for 30 minutes. Then, use a specialized thinner to adjust the viscosity. The paint mixture should be used within 8 hours after preparation. It is recommended to spray the primer two times with an interval of more than 20 minutes between each spray. If sanding is required, the ambient temperature must be above 15℃, and the primer should dry for 24 hours before proceeding. Once the primer is completely dry, the putty work can begin.

During the process of density board processing, it is important to ensure even distribution of adhesive when applying glue. When applying glue on one side, the thickness of the adhesive should be controlled within 0.3-0.5mm. When applying glue on both sides, the thickness of the adhesive on each side should be controlled within 0.3mm.

The above information provides the processing method for applying primer on density boards. It is recommended to follow the correct operation methods for achieving optimal results. If there are any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will provide appropriate suggestions based on your specific needs to avoid unnecessary troubles.