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Excellent Characteristics and Advantages of Density Board

We are familiar with the advantages of density board, such as simple molding, good chemical resistance, and pleasing appearance, which is why its utilization rate is increasing. Let’s learn about the excellent characteristics and advantages of density board.

High density board is a uniform L-shaped material with excellent acoustic performance, making it very suitable for speakers, TV casings, and musical instruments. Medium density can be applied in many place, such as luggage frame, packaging boxes, ceiling fan blades, shoe heels, puzzle blocks, clock casings outdoor signage, display stands, shallow pallets, pong tables, carvings, models, etc.

Moisture-resistant medium density board currently used for shoe heels and flooring, with thickness specifications of 4.75, 6mm, and 8mm respectively. The significance of using moisture board for shoe heels is that heels must first be moisture-resistant while having good physical mechanical properties to prevent cracking. The significance of using moisture-resistant board for flooring that the boards must have moisture resistance to prevent warping and thickness expansion caused by moisture absorption, and have good physical and mechanical properties to improve product quality.

The above are the excellent characteristics and advantages of density board. Because its advantages are increasingly being widely applied, for those who are not familiar, please feel free to contact us and we will provide you with professional answers.