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OSB: The Preferred Choice for Construction Projects

OSB (Oriented Strand Board) is widely used in fields such as construction and furniture. What are its advantages?

OSB has the following advantages:

Environmentally friendly: OSB is made from eucalyptus and fir, using environmentally friendly adhesives, and complies with the European EN300 standard. It is a green and environmentally friendly building material.

High hardness: Due to the arrangement of large wood flakes in a cross-stranded pattern, OSB has good overall integrity, is not prone to deformation or cracking, and has high strength and hardness.

Aesthetically pleasing: The surface of OSB can be directly coated with clear varnish, displaying the texture and patterns of the wood, giving a beautiful and natural feel. Additionally, it can be manufactured in a variety of colors, with good decorative properties.

Moisture resistance: As OSB is a structured panel, it reorganizes the wood grain structure, providing good moisture resistance and reducing the risk of moisture damage.

Wood conservation: OSB is made from shredded wood and can effectively utilize wood waste.

Good workability: OSB has good flexural strength and can be processed into any shape as needed.

In a word, OSB is the preferred material for many construction projects due to its durability, seismic resistance, environmental friendliness, ease of processing, and installation.