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5 Common Drawbacks of Wooden Construction Templates

Today, we'd like to introduce to you the common 5 drawbacks of wooden construction templates. The quality issues of wooden construction templates are relatively significant in engineering projects. Let’s analyze the 5 major defects commonly found in construction templates, so that you can have a deeper understanding of this type of construction material.

1. Deformation: The deformation of wooden construction templates is caused by warping and distortion resulting from processing, monotony, and storage. The deformation of wooden construction templates has a certain impact on quality.

2. Decay: Under certain conditions, wooden construction templates can be damaged by wood fungi and bacteria, which can cause changes in color and structure of the wood, making it soft and fragile with the appearance of holes, powder, or sponge-like texture. This is a manifestation of decay in wooden construction templates.

3. Discoloration: The discoloration of wooden construction templates is caused by two factors: chemical discoloration and fungal discoloration. Chemical discoloration occurs when wooden construction templates come in contact with chemical substances, resulting in discoloration. Fungal discoloration, on the other hand, happens when fungal organisms invade the wood.

4. Cracks: Cracks in wooden construction templates are usually caused by stress-induced cracking. These cracks occur between the fibers of the template, leading to a decrease in its grading.

5. Insects: During storage, transportation, and usage, wooden construction templates are often affected by insect infestations. The natural enemies of wooden construction templates include termites, wood borers, and woodworms. If the templates are improperly protected, they can be damaged by these insects, thereby affecting the quality of the lumber used in construction projects.

The five common drawbacks of the above wooden construction templates are shared by ZMADTO. The wooden construction templates produced by ZMADTO are of high quality and are specifically used for major projects. Please feel free to contact us for further information.