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The Advantages that High-Quality Wooden Template Should Have

With the rapid development of the industry, there is an increasing number of high-rise buildings being constructed. The use of building templates is also becoming more prevalent in construction projects. Due to the favorable market conditions, it is important to identify the desirable qualities that good wooden templates should possess.

High-quality wooden template should have the following advantages:

1. Easy to saw, easy to nail, high flexibility, good versatility, multi-purpose board, convenient construction;

2. The surface of the board is as smooth as the mirror with ideal demoulding effect, and the concrete surface is smooth and smooth;

3. The board is made of full-grade core board, with the surface coated with phenolic resin glue. It has excellent waterproof performance, smooth surface, and good demolding effect, which eliminates the need for plastering work;

4. It using high-quality pine and eucalyptus solid core boards for paving, each layer is glued, resulting in stronger adhesion and waterproofing properties. The product goes through multiple processing steps, ensuring exceptional quality and resistance to deformation and delamination;

The above is about good construction templates, which are mainly determined by the thickness of the templates. Thicker wooden templates generally can be used for about 12-15 times, with stable quality. You are welcomed to visit the factory for inspection.