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Why Laminate is the Preferred Choice for Wood Formwork

The key to the durability of building is having a solid foundation and the use of a reliable frame, so a building's foundation must be impeccable. Birch plywood is an economical material that is commonly used for formwork in all types of vertical and horizontal structures, including floors, walls, columns, and scaffolding.

Why is laminated plywood preferred?

If quality, aesthetics, labor time savings and flawless results are important to you, then FSF grade plywood is good choice for your formwork plywood for the following reasons:

1. The waterproof membrane on the surface of the laminated plywood prevents it from deformation that caused by the influence of concrete and other aggressive substances.

2. Special moisture-proof treatment is carried out at the end of the board.

3. The smooth surface of the plywood perfectly separates it from the hardened concrete without causing blemishes or inclusions.

4. One set of plywood formwork can be used for few concreting project.

5. The plywood can be processed and adjusted directly at the construction site using carpentry tools.

6. The best performance combination makes it perfectly capable of handling various floor weights.

7. The material is light in weight and does not require professional equipment for manual plywood movement.