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Types of Furniture Board

1. Solid wood board. As one of the environmentally friendly furniture boards, solid wood board is made up of complete solid wood and has the characteristics of firmness and natural texture. However, the cost of them is high, also it require high construction technology.

2. Density board. Density board is made up of wood fiber or other plant fiber as raw material. Density board is easy to process due to its softness and impact resistance, but the national standard for high-density boards is several times lower than the international standard, the quality of density boards in our country still needs to be improved.

3. Particle board. Particle board is wood crumbs been scraps and pressed. The main advantage of it is cheap price.

4. Fire proof board. The fire proof board uses silicon or calcareous materials as raw material. It has relatively high requirements for pasting glue during construction, and the price of better-quality fireproof boards is higher than decorative panels.