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How is the Waterproof Effect of Density Board

As we all know, the biggest disadvantage of MDF is moisture-proof performance, so how to deal with the problem to make the furniture products produced by MDF waterproof and moisture-proof?

First of all, let's take a look of the production process of the density board to know a bit about it. Density board is made up of powder and fiber wood and glue that's been fused together. Wood fiber contain water itself and absorbing moisture in the air, which make it swell or deform after long time in the air, which may resulting in the deformation of the board furniture.

In order to solve the problem of density board, all board products we can adopt spray paint, blister, veneer and other treatment schemes, ect. to prevent moisture intrusion. Also what should be paid attention to during the use of furniture boards?

1. It should avoid moisture and moisture during uses. Such as beside the flue, toilet, bathhouse.

2. For daily cleaning, we should pay attention to avoid scrubbing with a lot of water.

3. The direct contact to the section and the ground needs to be covered with plastic or others.