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Why Should the Cylindrical Formwork be Dislocation Installed

Cylindrical formwork has been widely used in building construction, it can be installed without hoisting equipment and built at high place, but some may have doubt that why there are be installed dislocation? Today we will talk with you to understand why the cylindrical formwork needs to be installed in a misplaced position.

1. Dislocation installation can integrally combine the cylindrical formwork on the cylinder, which reduced the joints of the cylindrical formwork and helped improve the demoulding effect of the cylinder.

2. Dislocation installation can reduce the press of the cylindrical formwork, uniform the press of the whole formwork to get better sealing effect at the upper and lower joints.

Dislocation installation can make the column very high at one time, which is much stable for taller cylindrical formwork, and avoid the trouble of secondary splicing.