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Oriented Strand Board Production Process

1. Raw material preparation

Usually, oriented strand board taken 8 to 10 cm small-diameter wood and fast-growing wood as raw materials. Except wood, waste and scraps left over from board processing can also be used as raw materials for oriented strand board.

2. Dry

Oriented strand board dryers generally use single-channel dryers, using conventional medium-temperature drying technology. The entire drying process is divided into pre-drying stage, drying stage and equalization stage. In the end, it is necessary to ensure that the moisture content of the shavings is controlled at about 2%.

3. Sorting shavings

There are two forms of shavings sorting, one is to use mechanical methods to sort the shavings according to the geometric size through grids of different apertures or set gaps, and the other is to separate the shavings with different densities and suspension ratios by adjusting the airflow speed.

4. Directional paving

The shavings of the surface layer are mixed with glue, arranged longitudinally according to the fiber direction, and the shavings of the core layer are arranged horizontally to form a three-layer structure board blank, and finally do hot press to form a multi-layer structure board.

The above are the production processing of oriented strand board, if you have difference idea, welcome to contact us! We are plywood division of ADTO Group, and professional manufacture in plywood. We are always like to talk about production technology of all kind of plywood with friends,  which encourage us do better.