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The Quality Features of OSB Board

OSB has been widely used in villas, furniture, packaging, etc.. It is one of the new high-strength solid environmental friendly wood panel.

The formaldehyde emission of OSB board is 0.02mg/m3, which is equivalent to smoking a cigarette in a 100 square metersom room , which greatly exceeds the indoor air quality standard currently implemented in my country (<=0.08mg/m3), also it greatly reduced the amount of large-caliber wood.

The quality features of OSB board:

* Healthy and environmental friendly, formaldehyde release of OSB is almost zero, with a clear woody fragrance;

* Uniform force, good strength, very good stability;

*Unique structure, strong plasticity, easy to paint directly;

*No voids, scars, uniform density, thickness, and strength;

* No moth-eaten phenomenon, can be used as packing box, no need for fumigation;

*The expansion coefficient is small, the water content is 9±4%, and it is also waterproof and moisture-proof;

* High utilization rate, no waste, heat preservation and sound absorption.