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How to Deal With Used Construction Cylindrical Film Faced Plywood

When the solidification strength of the poured concrete column reaches 1MPa or more, the column formwork of the cylindrical film faced plywood can be removed.


When removing, first remove the reinforced wood square and steel pipe on the outside of the column, then remove the concrete slag under the column foot, and finally loosen the cylindrical film faced plywood to reinforce the steel belt. Generally, the cylindrical template will fall off by itself. If it does not fall off, you can carefully pry open the template interface with a crowbar, and the template can be removed successfully.

The process of demolding requires two people to collaborate at the same time. Slowly remove the column formwork, and then connect the cylindrical film faced plywood into a cylinder with reinforced steel belts, remove it with a tower crane, and place it in a flat and spacious place.

Finally, the cylindrical film faced plywood needs to be technically cleaned, such as using a clean rag to remove the concrete residue or grit on the surface of the cylindrical film faced plywood. If the damage is found, repair it in time. You can use a wooden plug to plug the hole and apply oil.

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