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Purpose of OSB Board

As we know OSB is very useful, here we will tell you the exact usage of OSB board.

1. OSB board replace blockboard, three-plywood, five-plywood, formwork, fireproof board, decorative board, and partition in home decoration.

2. OSB board can be used as floors, walls and roofs; I-beams; structural isolation panels; packing boxes; cargo pallets and storage boxes; commodity shelves; industrial desktops; hardwood floor cores; air shielding boards and guardrails; decorative wall panels; On-site concrete forming; container floors; bowling lanes, etc.

3. OSB used as the liner between the solid wood floor and the keel, or the base material of the composite wood floor.

4. Structural panels for furniture and kitchen utensils.

5. Lining boards for building construction, interior panels, heat insulation boards, sound-absorbing boards, ceilings, and wall panels.

6. Construction retaining boards, ditch formwork, backing boards, etc.

7. After the OSB surface is laminated, it can be used for plain boards, drawer bottom boards, boxes, boxes, cabinet partitions, floor boards, bed boards, etc. for furniture manufacturing.