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Why Density Board is not Used for Cabinet

Now density board is used for solid wood composite doors, no longer use as material for make cabinets and wardrobes, because MDF is not suitable for some reasons, why do you say that? The main reasons is for its characteristics as follows:

① Poor strength. Whether it is low-density board, medium-density board or high-density board, their strength is not good. Since the inside of the density board is made of fiber material, the strength of the density board is very poor, the bearing capacity is very low, which cause density board easy to deform.

② Poor moisture resistance. Because density board is made of fibers, you can find shredded paper inside if you cut it. Density board expands quickly after being exposed to moisture, and slowly deforms with time going. Therefore, density board mustn't be used in humid environments, such as bathroom doorways and window sills.

③ Poor ability to hold nails. This is a very big reason why density board is not suitable for making furniture, is because market furniture is custom-made for assembly, and will install some hardware. The installation of hardware requires high requirements on the ability to hold nails. The furniture made of density board is very prone to shaking and loosening, and there is no way to repair it.

④Poor on-site processing ability. Density board is processed on site, sawdust will fly, and the edge of density board may damage which may can not deal with edges.