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Does Particle Board Contain Formaldehyde

Particle board has formaldehyde. In fact, the wood contains a bit of formaldehyde itself, and the glue contains formaldehyde, lots glus are used in the production of particle board, so it contains formaldehyde. They are many products In decoration and building materials contain formaldehyde, such as paints, various boards, composite floors, plastic floors, etc..

How long does formaldehyde volatilization from particle board?

Particle board formaldehyde volatilization is a long process, which may need 10 to 15 years. But as time goes by, the amount of formaldehyde released will become less and less. For the newly installed particle board, you can leave the window opended to accelerate the volatilization of formaldehyde in the particle board, or using other items to absorb formaldehyde, such as activated carbon, green plants, etc.