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Tips for Purchase Building Formwork

The origin of plywood is divided into three categories: imported boards, joint venture boards, and domestic boards. Common specifications mainly include 1220×2440×3 mm and 1220×2440×5 mm; other specifications of building formwork include 1220×1830×3 mm or 5 mm, and 915×1830×3 mm or 5 mm. There is also a special bag door with specifications of 915×2135×3 mm and 1220×2135×3 mm. The plywood of other specifications is small-format plywood, which is not commonly used for decoration.

Multi-layer plywood is 7 or more layers, mainly used for construction and vehicles. When purchasing plywood, remember to find out the specifications and sizes. Consumers can calculate the amount of building formwork materials required according to the area of interior decoration to avoid unnecessary waste caused by blind purchase.