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Performance and application of plywood

Plywood is a veneer that is peeled from wood segments. After superimposing, drying, gluing and other processes, the blanks are assembled in a way that the grain directions of adjacent veneers are perpendicular to each other, and then hot pressed. Today we will learn about this product The quality judgment method. There are many ways to judge its quality.


First of all, you can check the flatness of the panel. From this you can see the inner material of the board, touch it with your hands and feel for any unevenness. If so, it means that the surface is sanded. It is not good, or the material of the core board is not good, and the material is relatively broken.


Secondly, it depends on whether the layers of the plywood are distinct. The thicker the board, the easier it is to see. If each layer is made of monolithic materials, the layers will be very distinct and there will be no cross-layer phenomenon, and if the materials are not used Well, there are a lot of scraps. Due to the pressure, the level will become worse after being squeezed.


Finally, the thickness of the good quality plywood is generally within the range of the national standard, and it is basically not deformed. The degree of deformation is related to the moisture content of the wood. If the deformation indicates that the processing technology is not satisfactory, such a board cannot be purchased.


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