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Quality Requirements of Plywood

Film faced plywood is widely used in the construction industry nowadays. As the engineering projects used are generally relatively large, there are certain requirements for the appearance of film faced plywood. 

1. Color: high-quality building templates should have natural colors, clear wood grain, and the raw materials are visible to the naked eye. If the plywood has a dark appearance, the thicker paint layer may be intentional to cover up the defects of the plywood, especially when the plywood is six-sided sealing paint. 

2. Grain: It is the standard for judging the quality of film faced plywood. The regular pattern is beautiful and generous. Do not choose the plywood with disorderly patterns. 

3. Knots: Knots, which can be divided into live knots and dead knots. As a natural product, it is impossible to have no knots. The reasonable distribution of live knots will make wood products more beautiful. Premium products are not allowed to have defective knots. 

4. Cracks: It is inevitable for medium and low-grade building templates to have cracks, but too large is not good. Some cracks occur between the lines of the wood. This kind of cracks will not extend and can be used with confidence. However, some cracks penetrate the lines, so you must not buy them. Because these cracks will extend, it will be great for the future. Negative impact.

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